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>> interface "wi0" {
>>     send dhcp-client-identifier "foo.bar.baz";
>>     media "nwid 'my-home'  nwkey myWEPkeysilly";   # home
>>     media "nwid 'tmobile' -nwkey";                 # staryuchhs
>>     media "nwid 'nanog42' -nwkey";                 # nanog
>>     media "nwid ''        -nwkey";                 # open
>>     }
> actually -is- there a clever way to not let the keys cycle and be flashed
> each in turn as above; but to pick the right one absed on some dhcp value
> (say network name, etc) ?

but dhcp does not fly until you have the correct ssid/wepkey, so
you have no network name or anything.  the above list is merely
suggested targets for shooting in the dark.


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