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Medium to High end notebook/laptop suitable for FBSD

I'm looking to purchase a new notebook computer to be used primarily with
FreeBSD. (On the odd occasions that I'm forced to work with a windoze 
operating system I quickly become irritable and bad tempered).

It would be rediculous to claim that price doesn't matter, but it is true to say 
that I'm not looking for a cheap solution nor at the bottom end of the market.

What I want is a machine which can run FreeBSD without too many problems.

The wish list includes:
  UXGA display (1600x1200) on a reasonably large display capable of resolving
      most of this.
  Minimum 256Mb memory -- 512 would be nice.
  FBSD supported LAN connection -- preferably via wireless.
  Plenty of disk space, but prepared to settle for 40Gb or so. 
  Internal Dialup modem that can be utilised through FBSD.
  Some method of connecting an optical mouse.
  (A connection for a conventional keyboard might also be attractive.)
  CDROM/R/RW. (DVD play would be an attracive bonus.)
  Reasonably quick -- in the 2Ghz to 3 Ghz range

The following aspects I don't see as being of much importance to me:
(But of course it is possible that I'm overlooking some important aspect)
  Long period of battery use; I imagine power will be mostly be available.
  Fancy power management.
  Floppy drive.

The Toshiba satellite P20 seems to mostly have the hardware features
I'd like to have (and is just about affordable); but I'm led to believe that there 
are extreme difficulties in getting FreeBSD operational on any late model Toshiba 

Are there any suggestions as to where I might start looking?
Is there anyone with a machine fulfilling most of my wish list with FBSD

Malcolm Kay

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