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managing multiple wireless SSIDs

>Under Windows XP I can specify any number of wireless
>SSIDs and Windows will automatically connect to the
>currently available SSID.
>Is there a way to do this with FreeBSD? I'm running >5.2-RC2.
>Currently I have one static SSID listed in my >/etc/start_if.wi0:
>ifconfig wi0 ssid WingNET wepmode on wepkey >0xnonyabeesness
>But I'd like for FreeBSD to automatically connect to >either
>my home SSID or my Work SSID based on which is currently


This is a linux utility that uses iwpriv scan.
It is written in perl, and can run as a deamon.

You can also try doinng some grep and sed on 
wicontrol -L
which lists APs.


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