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thinkpad t41, acpi + ICH4 woes

> I recently got a new thinkpad t41 (23739FU), and have been working on
> FreeBSD 5.2-RC2. Everything has been excelent, except of course for
> suspend/resume.

T40p here.

> In both ACPI and APM suspends, I get a hang on resume. With APM,
> occasionally it would resume safely. This appears to be a common problem,
> across multiple fbsd releases. I've been tinkering with that ata driver,
> which seems to be at least involved with the problems. I'm at an impasse at
> this point, and am wondering if anyone would like to help, or has input.

Based on the rest of the message you seems to have a lot more of a clue about 
this than me, but just in case:

If you are running apmd, try turning it off. I am basing this on a gut feeling 
based on trial-and error, but I believe the hang happens if there is disk 
activity during the suspend process. apmd tends to create such activity. 
Having apmd running with a config where it doesn't do anything was not a 
problem, but when adding some pre/post-processing it would hang. Disabling 
apmd fixes this for me.

I also had to patch the em driver in order for em0 to survive the 
suspend/resume. Dunno if the t41 has the same nic though.

/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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