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Medium to High end notebook/laptop suitable for FBSD

>>>>> "Malcolm" == Malcolm Kay <malcolm_(_dot_)_kay_(_at_)_internode_(_dot_)_on_(_dot_)_net> writes:

Malcolm> Thanks for your response. The Dell D800 certainly looks
Malcolm> interesting.

Malcolm> Stefan E?er has also strongly recommended a Centrino based
Malcolm> machine.

Malcolm> But others are suggesting various IBM Thinkpad models and I
Malcolm> must also give some credance to their suggestions. I've
Malcolm> ceratinly not yet made a choice.

Let me take a momment to speak about the Centrino... because you can
get centrino laptops from all vendors right now.

The P4 has been very bleak for laptops.  P4 laptops are very heavy for
two reasons: 1st, they have huge heatsinks and many fans, and 2nd,
they require huge batteries to support same.  Even if you don't use
your machine "on the go", you're paying a huge weight penalty for the

But the P4 is a homage to marketing.  "Lets see how many horses we can
cram into this thing" style of LCD marketing driven engineering.  AMD
has successfully attacked this.

The centrino is a return to sanity.  Your laptop can weigh more than a
pound less and have similar performance.


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