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Least supported laptop for FreeBSD under $1k

Today, Peter Schuller <peter_(_dot_)_schuller_(_at_)_infidyne_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
>>> I don't have the same laptop as you do, but almost - an IBM
>>> T40p. On this machine, suspend at level 3 almost works except dead
>>> USB and behavior consistent with heavy load after the resume. You
>>> may want to try this with your laptop.
>> using S3 does suspend the laptop, when I power it back on, the X
>> display looks like it's burning from inside the LCD and I have to
>> pull the battery and pull the power, then reboot it.
> I don't think I got it working with X at all. You could try
> switching to a non-X console first.

I have a T40p too, and I have made these same experiences. The laptop
wakes up perfectly well, but the display remains black, even when
switching consoles.

When I switch to a non-X console in this state (just woken up, black
display), put it into S3 again, then wake it up, it comes up perfectly
and the display is working agan.

That is, it does when using APM. I didn't try that with ACPI before
(the USB bug is a show stopper for me).

Good luck,
Andreas Fuchs, <asf_(_at_)_boikor_(_dot_)_net>, asf_(_at_)_jabber_(_dot_)_at, antifuchs

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