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Least supported laptop for FreeBSD under $1k

Andreas Fuchs <asf_(_at_)_boinkor_(_dot_)_net> writes:

> I have a T40p too, and I have made these same experiences. The laptop
> wakes up perfectly well, but the display remains black, even when
> switching consoles.
> When I switch to a non-X console in this state (just woken up, black
> display), put it into S3 again, then wake it up, it comes up perfectly
> and the display is working agan.
> That is, it does when using APM. I didn't try that with ACPI before
> (the USB bug is a show stopper for me).

Same notebook, same story. I tried to disable drm but that did not
help either. :/

But otherwise everything works for me, but not cardbus, either cardbus
works or my ethernet card but not both :(


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