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IBM R40e's Broadcom NeXtreme Fast Ethernet - NIC

Hi Everyone,

I have an IBM Thinkpad R40e and I have a dual boot with Windows XP and 
FreeBSD 4.9 - Release...
My Windows XP's Device Manager says that my NIC is Broadcom NeXtreme 
Fast Ethernet.  I have used a Corega USB LAN Card with FreeBSD and have 
not encountered any problems.  The reason why I want to use my Broadcom 
NeXtreme Fast Ethernet with FreeBSD is that I wanted to just switched 
from my 2 OSes and not have to take my LAN Cable on/off my NIC...
I have searched the mailing list archives and found that some people are 
setting  "device miibus" and "device bge" in their kernel configuration 
in order to use Broadcom NICs...If I do this, will this work on my 
laptop too? Or I really have to forget my Broadcom NIC and use my USB 
Corega LAN Card for FreeBSD?
Thanks for any response, advice, and help...

Rommel B. Ikeda

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