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NDIS Driver Thoughts.

On 2003-12-31 23:05 -0500, David Gilbert wrote:
> Geez... if the NDIS driver is advanced enough to make wireless drivers
> work, how much work does it take to make winmodems work?
> I'm also wondering how the NDIS driver is going to compare to other
> native drivers for wireless support.  I'm considering buying an
> atheros chipset mini-pci card simply because it seems so well
> supported...
> Dave.

NDIS is not for modems, it's for network cards.

For modems you'd probably want something similar for supporting AC'97 modems
which is what most winmodems are.

Most of the groundwork can be taken from Bill's driver, but that's about it,
i've looked into this, some drivers seem easy, some look like a PITA.


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