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Inspiron 8000 pcmcia problem??

Try adding this to your /etc/rc.conf file:


I have been using an I8k for 2.5 years now without issue
with this specified.  I've yet to run across a card that didn't



> I've got a rather frustrating problem if anyone can help me it would be =
> greatly appreciated I've tryed 3 pcmcia cards on my i8k all 3 of them =
> give me device timeouts (netgear fa410tx, smc 8040, and a linksys card) =
> all of which are on the hardware compat list except the smc card which i =
> read somewhere is supported so i gave it a try. Anyway I added =
> pccard_enable=3D"YES" pccardd_ifconfig=3D"DHCP" tryed =
> ifconfig_ed1=3D"DHCP" for fun and i tryed changing the irq port with the =
> -i flag for pccardd_flags and editing pccard.conf. Nothing seems to work =
> I have miibus compiled in the kernel all the proper drivers all 3 of the =
> cards are recognized at boot however i recieve the infamous ed1: device =
> timeout message. The cards work on linux and windows maybe I'm missing =
> something I have never dealt with pcmcia cards until now. I googled for =
> 2 days and asked on numerous irc channels. Am I missing something? It =
> seems to be a rather common problem with all the results from my google =
> searchs. I've also disabled everything in my bios still nothing I've =
> tryed using 4.9, 5.2rc2 and -current with  the same results. Someone =
> please help me! I keep hearing its an irq conflict my card gets set to =
> irq 10 its seems even when i try to change it..btw all tryed =
> device.hints and kernel.conf.=20
> Thanks -Paul

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