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Medium to High end notebook/laptop suitable for FBSD

"Alejandro 'lanjoe9' Valenzuela" wrote on Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 04:59:45PM -0500: 
> I just noticed on the freebsd.org main page, that e-racks
> sells FreeBSD and Linux-Ready laptops and desktops, they've
> got some centrino and pIV ones, and they looked reasonably
> priced.
> http://eracks.com/products/Laptops

The Pentium-4 machines don't mention being Mobile CPUs, they might be
desktop ones.

At least the centrino model lacks a scroll help.

For both models, if you upgrade it to the usual standard of DVD/CD-RW,
40 GB harddisk and comparable CPU to other offerings you come out more
expensive even without the Windoze license.

They don't have a moderate 3-year warranty, either the almost useless
one or a full-blown thing for $750.

Detail mess like this made me bail out of getting myself a notebook as
a christmas present.  Short of $2000 I didn't find anything without a
major nitpick.

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