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Inspiron 8000 pcmcia problem??

I do not have "pccard_ifconfig" set to DHCP.  I've got a script
I run under 4.9 on boot that checks to see if my wireless card
is installed and then runs dhclient on it.

For 5.1-whatever I've got these lines:


That works fine for me with a GENERIC kernel and a stock
pccard.conf -- nothing special there.  Substitute whatever
your interface name is for "wi0" and it should work the
same as mine does.

I suspect your interfaces are getting confused because of
the options you are trying.  The configuration I've got listed
above sets up the card and runs dhclient on it at boot.  Have
you tried leaving out all but the pccard_enable and 
pccard_mem lines to see if the interface will configure okay?
You ought to be able to just do the dhclient ed1 that you
tried before and have it just work.


> Ok just tryed that out, no luck =\ maybe you have something setup
> differently then me right now 5.2 rc2 is on the system my rc.conf currently
> has:
> pccard_enable="YES"
> pccard_ifconfig="DHCP"
> pccard_mem="0xd8000"
> Is there something else you have maybe in pccard.conf or in your kernel.
> Right now i just have the generic kernel loaded i tryed dhclient ed1 and
> just get kernel: ed1: device timeout.
> Anyway would love to hear your config as this is the most frustrating
> problem I  have encountered while using fbsd and just want to find the
>solution. thanks -paul

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