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Inspiron 8000 pcmcia problem??

You can't read anything from the drive or you can't boot from it?  Your drive
could of course be bad... or maybe your bios isn't allowing booting from the drive.

Do you have a floppy?  If so, you can use that to boot the boot floppies and then
install via ftp over either the internal ethernet port or an external modem.

It is hard to diagnose this stuff long distance...


> Yes my loader.conf does contain that line however now theres something wrong
> with the dvd drive...its not recognized by my computer I can't even put 4.9
> back on here if I wanted to. reseated the drive and everything, it still
> opens up so i know there is power getting to it just isn't getting
> recognized guess it isn't my day =\
> btw i did try just leaving pccard_enable and pccard_mem lines in rc.conf
> still nothing =[

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