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Cardbus troubles on 5.2-CURRENT

Sam Leffler wrote:

>On Tuesday 06 January 2004 07:33 pm, Eric Anderson wrote:
>>I posted this to the -current mailing list earlier, and have mentioned
>>it several times in the past, but no response.  Am I the only person
>>having troubles here?  Cardbus used to at least fail gracefully (by not
>>understanding what card was inserted) instead of bombing my network card
>>(causing me to have to reboot).
>>So here's the scoop - when I insert any cardbus card (but 16-bit pc
>>cards are fine, and don't have the problem), it seems to try to detect
>>it as a bge1 device, and destroys my working bge0 device (broadcom
>>gigabit ethernet).  Here's the dmesg:
>This is identical to the behaviour I see on my Dell i600m laptop.  Warner is 
>aware of it and understands what the root cause is, but solving it is 
>(apparently) a bit involved.
Ok - good to hear it's known.  My laptop happens to be a Dell Latitude 

I'm willing to test anything he comes up with, and willing to debug if 

Does he watch this list?  I'm sure he does, but just checking if I 
should send him a note personally.


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