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Medium to High end notebook/laptop suitable for FBSD

in message <20040102170202_(_dot_)_GA11022_(_at_)_StefanEsser_(_dot_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org>,
wrote Stefan E?er thusly...
> On 2004-01-02 17:27 +1030, Malcolm Kay <malcolm_(_dot_)_kay_(_at_)_internode_(_dot_)_on_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
> >   Reasonably quick -- in the 2Ghz to 3 Ghz range
> I'd rather get a Centrino based machine: The 1.4GHz chip is about
> as fast as a 2GHz P4, the 1.6GHz Centrino beats a P4 at 2.4GHz in 
> most tests, when running on AC power. Things only get worse (for 
> the P4) when running on battery ...

Here is more info for those of us mystified by "Centrino"...


  - Parv


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