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Medium to High end notebook/laptop suitable for FBSD

in message <200401021727_(_dot_)_43046_(_dot_)_malcolm_(_dot_)_kay_(_at_)_internode_(_dot_)_on_(_dot_)_net>,
wrote Malcolm Kay thusly...
> The wish list includes:

The one i find myself salvating on is...

  PowerPro C 3:16 (starting at US $1459, as described <~ $2000):

>   UXGA display (1600x1200) on a reasonably large display capable of resolving
>       most of this.

15" SXGA+, ATI RADEON 9000 4X AGP w/64MB DDR

>   Minimum 256Mb memory -- 512 would be nice.

512MB, single module

>   FBSD supported LAN connection -- preferably via wireless.

Built in 10-1000Gb RJ45 jack; option of adding wireless components (I
did not choose wireless).

>   Plenty of disk space, but prepared to settle for 40Gb or so. 

80GB, not @7200 rpm

>   Internal Dialup modem that can be utilised through FBSD.

Included; don't know if it will work

>   Some method of connecting an optical mouse.
>   (A connection for a conventional keyboard might also be attractive.)

See below

>   CDROM/R/RW. (DVD play would be an attracive bonus.)

Combo 8X DVD/24x10x24 CD-RW

>   USB

4 ports, v2.0

>   Reasonably quick -- in the 2Ghz to 3 Ghz range

1.4GHz, 1MB L2 cache

And.. 5.5lb, AC adaptor, 3 year service, No OS, a carry case, Smart
Li-ion batery (4-hr), No built in floppy drive, ...


...lack of built in floppy drive really bugs me though.

  - Parv


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