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EZ Connect SMC 802.11B Card?

(I apologize for top-posting, my Office decreed MS Outlook as our site wide mail client, top-posting is easiest I'm afraid.)

I've so far followed the man pages for ndis/ndiscvt.   (I will be sending a note to Bill Paul in regards to a possible bug I have found in ndiscvt.)

I was able to take the .inf and .sys files and produce the ndis_driver_data.h file, and copied it to /usr/src/sys/dev/if_ndis  (And I had to alter if_ndis.c, changing line 76 from:
#include "ndis_driver_data.h"
#include "/usr/src/sys/dev/if_ndis/ndis_driver_data.h"
to get the compile to pick up the file.

However when linking the kernel, I'm getting undefined reference errors to many functions.  For example, "undefined reference to `ndis_reset_nic'" is the first one.

Actually, while Googling for info, I stumbled across the NetBSD announcement, including reference to the fact that you (Warner) were porting the driver to FreeBSD.  I was about to e-mail you with a request for info.  I'm willing give it a try, if needed.

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: Any suggestions?  [...]ADM8211 chipset

Run 5.2-current and use the ndis driver shims.

Or you can port the NetBSD driver.


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