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Release 5.1 Release, Dell X200, Firewire EIA 1394

Well,  upon further inspection I think these are compiled into the kernel.  
Looking at /var/run/dmesg.boot (clipping attached) it looks like fwohci sees 
my controller but can't map the memory.

I may have  a controller chip too old, RIOCH RC551 instead of RC552 
referenced in the fwohci manual page.

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Subject: Re: Release 5.1 Release, Dell X200, Firewire EIA 1394
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 17:14:01 -0600

Doug Carter wrote:

>What I have found so far says Firewire works in 5.1 but I havn't been able 
>to see my CD.  No docking station, just plugging into the side of the 
>I've tried adding:  'device firewire' and 'device sbp' to my /etc/rc.conf 
>file to no effect.

You should add those to the kernel config file, and rebuilt the kernel, or 
you can just load the modules (as root) with kldload.  The Handbook would be 
a great guide for you.


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