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Fw: More power patches

Am 07.01.'04 schrieb M. Warner Losh:
> I've updated the power patches.  This includes the
> transparent/secondary bridge support and tweaks to the last version.
> This should help people who have been forced to set
> hw.pci.unsupported_io_ranges=1.  There's slightly imporved lazy
> resource support, the power stuff (but I've not fixed the null power
> method stuff).

I just tried this patch yesterday. It broke my cardbus, I pulled out the
card several times and put it back but didn't see any cbb-events. See my 
dmesg at http://www.lestinsky.de/michael/dmesg.power-patches (booted with
hw.cbb.debug=1, hw.cardbus.debug=1, hw.cardbus.cis_debug=1)


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