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inspiron 8000 pcmcia

Did you try it without the "pccard_ifconfig" line yet?  Mine doesn't
have that line and I'm able to run dhclient on my cards with good

If that doesn't work I'll send you my kernel configuration file.


> Ok guys anyone remember me? Can't get my pcmcia Netgear fa410tx card =
> working on my inspiron 8000 someone asked me to put 4.9 on it and try =
> some stuff...ok well put 4.9 back on here and added:
> pccard_enable=3D"YES"
> pccard_mem=3D"0xd8000"
> pccard_ifconfig=3D"DHCP"=20
> into rc.conf, no luckk still getting ed1:device timeout. Thats all I did =
> anymore suggestions on what to try now that I have 4.9 on here?
> Thanks -Paul

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