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More power patches

In message: <200401110812_(_dot_)_i0B8CU7E029799_(_at_)_gw_(_dot_)_catspoiler_(_dot_)_org>
            Don Lewis <truckman_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org> writes:
: With the power patch both
: fwohci0 and fxp0 failed to properly attach.  The boot messages below are
: where things seem to go wrong.
: > fwohci0: OHCI version 0.0 (ROM=0)
: > fwohci0: invalid OHCI version
: > fwohci0: FireWire init failed with err=6
: > device_probe_and_attach: fwohci0 attach returned 5
: > fxp0: could not setup irq
: > inphy0: detached
: > miibus0: detached
: > device_probe_and_attach: fxp0 attach returned 22

Yea, I think I have alignment issues.

The rman_* functions will allocate N bytes with an alignment of < N.
I don't know if this is a bug or a feature.  I'm leaning towards 'bug'


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