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5.1R, cron job "system-entropy" sending error email every 11 minutes

Doug Carter wrote...
> The error email contains "ifconfig: not found" four times;  running 
> system-entropy in trace mode I can see it executing commands from 
> /etc/rc.conf and ifconfig is bombing on these:
>   + ifconfig wi0 ssid WAP1
>   ifconfig: not found
>   + ifconfig wi0 stationname x200
>   ifconfig: not found
>   + ifconfig wi0 wep
>   ifconfig: not found
> What is further odd is that these commands work fine when the system boots 
> and if I execute them from my shell.
> Any suggestion?

Yes.  Put the path to ifconfig into your shell script/cronjob/whatever.

That will solve you problem.

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