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wirelss card & cardbus

On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 01:22:11PM -0800, Kevin Oberman wrote:
: You can always run 5.2, just released a few minutes ago. It supports
: CardBus and many 'g' cards. For non-SMP systems, it's really pretty
: solid. 
: There are many 16-bit 802.11b cards that will work fine with V4, but
: it's often hard to get the right one as manufacturers seem to change the
: chip used without changing the model number and often not even showing a
: revision number.

My recommendation for what's currently on the market is the Microsoft
MN-520.  It's the only pcmcia card I've found that's also prism2.5.

: Any card with a Intersil Prism chip should work. I've been running V5 on
: my laptop for some time and I'm not too sure of the state of 'G' support
: in STABLE. If the ath driver is in STABLE, Atheros chips should
: work. Most 'B' Cisco cards are also supported.

Watch out.  I banged my head into a brick wall w/some of the newer
prism3 cards--specifically the D-Link 650.  The newest ones are indeed
prism3.  Unfortunately, they won't work b/c they upload the code via
serial eeprom (which FreeBSD currently doesn't support).


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