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ATH driver doesn't associate with turbo.

>>>>> "Sam" == Sam Leffler <sam_(_at_)_errno_(_dot_)_com> writes:

Sam> On Monday 29 September 2003 06:59 pm, David Gilbert wrote:
>> If I put my access point in turbo mode, the ath driver won't
>> associate with it.  Additionally, the documentation for my card
>> says that it should support upto 108Mbps in turbo mode, but the ath
>> driver doesn't detect this.

Sam> What do you base this on?  The turbo rates happen to be printed
Sam> as 1/2 the actual speed.because the actual rate is done by
Sam> overclocking and not by negotiating a different xmit rate.  I've
Sam> thought about artificially printing them as 2x values so people
Sam> stop complaining. :)

Fair enough.  If this is the case, then things are correct.

Sam> As to not being able to associate in turbo mode; you don't show
Sam> how you configured the interface.  Atheros-based AP's that
Sam> support "SuperG" use a proprietary protocol handshake to
Sam> negotiate use of turbo mode.  The current driver doesn't support
Sam> this though I recently got the info I need to add it.  For "old
Sam> turbo" mode you have to manually enable it with ifconfig before
Sam> the 802.11 layer will assoociate with a turbo AP.  I've
Sam> considered changing this but adding turbo mode channels to the
Sam> scan list would more often than not just lengthen the scanning
Sam> process and rarely be used.

The access point is an A-only unit made by Netgear.  It advertises
turbo modes only upto 72 megabit in it's documentation.

Concerning your 'rarely used' comment, is it that access points based
on Athros are rare or that turbo mode itself is not that useful?

Maybe it would be sufficient to have a mode 11a-turbo in addition to
mode 11a that is not part of the automatic scan.


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