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ATH driver doesn't associate with turbo.

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 10:55 am, Randy Bush wrote:
> it seems mode 11b is preferred.  if i boot in the presense
> of both kinds of APs, it seems to choose the 11b.  i can
> then say
>    ifconfig ath0 mode 11a
> and it will happily switch to 11a

11b is not preferred.  AP selection is done according to various criteria like 
compatibility (e.g. station wants WEP and AP is using WEP).  If you do

ifconfig ath0 debug

you will see what's going on.  The AP with the best rssi is typically 
selected.  To lock on to a particular AP you have to steer the algorithm by 
constraining the choices.  This issue comes up often--it would be great if 
there were a connection between the 802.11 layer and a user app that would 
help users select an AP based on scan results but I don't know of anything 
like this for *bsd.  Windows users are used to have a "site survey" app that 
does a scan and presents a list of AP's to choose.


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