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Adaptec 1460 SCSI Pc Card no longer working in 5.2

Hello All.

I filed a PR on this, but thought perhaps I would bring this up on here also.

Since updating from 5.1-RELEASE to 5.2-RELEASE (actually since 5.2RC), my 
Adaptec 1460 SCSI card is no longer working.

The message is:

CIS is too long....truncating
pccard0: Card has no functions!
cbb0: PC Card Card Activation failed.

I have tried several 1460 cards.

Other cards (serial, ethernet, wireless) work OK.

Is this just a matter of a string buffer length being shortened in 5.2?

I "googled" this as well as searched PRs. There is no other PR than mine, but 
google did reveal one fellow who posted to another group in late December 
with the same problem.

(I'd really like to get this fixed as I am the official "scanner" at work and 
my SCSI scanner no longer works...and it's making FreeBSD look bad!) 8-( .


Jim Durham

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