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D-Link DWL-AG650, AirPort Extreme, and WEP

> I got me a D-Link DWL-AG650 wireless card (based on Atheros 5212) to
> use with my AirPort Extreme (802.11g) at home.
> Everything is fine if I turn off WEP.  But with WEP enabled I get the
> dreaded "authentication failed (reason 13)" message.
> I hope, BTW, that the error message one gets if one simply uses the
> wrong password is more informative?  In any case, I checked the
> password 2^n times, and feel pretty confident that I have it right.

The error number (13) is reported from access point, which means
"Responding station does not support the specified authentication algorithm"
from the 802.11 spec.

This is primarily due to AirPort uses "shared" authentication mode
whenever WEP is enabled, and the 802.11 framework doesn't support
the mode at this moment.

But I've heard that AirPort generates actual wep key from configured
"password".  So I guess you need to know the generated wep key somehow
once shared authmode is supported.


Atsushi Onoe

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