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D-Link DWL-AG650, AirPort Extreme, and WEP

+ Atsushi Onoe <onoe_(_at_)_sm_(_dot_)_sony_(_dot_)_co_(_dot_)_jp>:

| This is primarily due to AirPort uses "shared" authentication mode
| whenever WEP is enabled, and the 802.11 framework doesn't support
| the mode at this moment.

Well, argh!  Seems impossible to exercise due diligence in making sure
stuff will work together before you buy.  It's not enough to satisfy
standard XYZ, there are always variants to the standards that will get
you.  Oh, well.  But thanks for the explanation.

+ Sam Leffler <sam_(_at_)_errno_(_dot_)_com>:

| On Thursday 15 January 2004 06:39 am, Eric Anderson wrote:
| > Speaking of shared mode - is anyone working on this currently?
| I have working code in my perforce branch but no time to commit it.
| I actually have a large number of net80211 changes pending commit
| there (it includes a merge of the netbsd changes).

+ Eric Anderson <anderson_(_at_)_centtech_(_dot_)_com>:

| Great!  If you need someone to do some testing, I'm up for it.

Me too.  So long as the code is compatible with 5.2-RELEASE, anyway.
I don't really have the time to follow -CURRENT these days.  Sam, if
you want me to try your code, feel free to mail me a sample.  </AOL>

In the mean time, I'll just run WEPless.  Not likely that I'll have a
lot of unauthorized accesses to my net where I live anyway, and
besides my more sensitive traffic moves over ssh anyway.

- Harald

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