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kernel panic of 5.2 RELEASE during install on a dell x300

Maurice van Steensel wrote:

> Hi all
> I tried to install 5.2 RELEASE on my stock Dell latitude X300 (I am
> aware of the status of new technology releases) on which I now run 4.9
> (ACPI flaky - kernel panics upon AC/adapter insertion/extraction,
> otherwise everything yummie). Unfortunately I got a kernel panic during
> install. It's reproducible and happens directly upon loading device
> bge0. Disabling ACPI doesn't help. Verbose logging gives some additional
> info, see below.
> Here's the trace with ACPI:
> bge0: Ethernet address: 00:0b:db:e4:47:a0
> bge0: MII without any PHY!

I think -CURRENT is still the list you want to report these things to
until -STABLE is created.

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