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dell latitude c400 and suspend problems

hi there,

I am having troubles getting my dell latitude c400 to suspend correctly.
it is running 5.2-release.

I set up a suspend-to-disk partition according to dell's instructions
using the mks2d.exe tool. this partition is about 532M in size at the
start of disk. freebsd is installed in the remaining disk space.

'acpiconf -s 3' results in a "reboot". the systems seems to start
suspending and then I am greated with the BIOS boot screen and then
freebsd's boot loader starts like it is a fresh boot.

'acpiconf -s 4' results in a BIOS message indicating that it is
proceeding to Suspend-To-Disk then shut down. all fine up to the moment
when I boot it. The BIOS restores the system mem then apparently launch
my session where I left it. however, the screen is garbled with weird
colors, different each time. the system is completely unresponsive while
the colors start slowly shifting. it doesn't answer a ping or an ssh
request. it doesn't answer ARP requests either [1].

I applied the patch procedure to the DSDT outlined here:


But this resulted in no visible changes.

I then compiled apm support in GENERIC and enabled apmd. though "device
apm" is in there, I have the following warning:

  Jan 17 02:01:11 eek root: /etc/rc: WARNING: /dev/apmctl not found;
  kernel is missing apm(4)

Discarding this message, which I guess is really a bad thing to do, I
tested with and without ACPI enabled. The results are pretty much the

  'apm -Z' results in no noticeable action save for a sys freeze
  'apm -z' leads to the same symptoms as 'acpiconf -s 3'

Anyone got this beast to suspend (either standby or s-t-d) correctly?
Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences/advices/pointers.

[1] if that matters, it has an i830 chipset.
Saad Kadhi -- [saad_(_at_)_docisland_(_dot_)_org] [saad_(_dot_)_kadhi_(_at_)_hapsis_(_dot_)_fr]
[gpg keyid: 19C6C735 http://pgp.mit.edu]
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