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managing multiple wireless SSIDs (summary discussion)

> The questions I'd like to discuss
> ---------------------------------
> So here are the questions that come to mind after digesting the
> above information:
> 1.) Which category is preferable?
>     Currently, I think the event based solutions are the most
>     _practical_ on FreeBSD, but are they the "correct" long term
>     solution?

It is pretty difficult to have a generic solution for all users.

Windows do background scan periodically, and sometimes switch to
another SSID.  It is OK for WWW and Mail client, but it is difficult
to use ssh login.

For long time connection, sticking only single SSID even without radio
for a while, should be preferable feature unless Mobile IP is much
more popular.  But I know there are many users who only want to use
www and e-mail.

> 2.) What is the future of the `wicontrol` command? I've noticed
>     that `wicontrol -L` only works if the wi interface is
>     configured with an empty SSID:
>     ifconfig wi0 ssid '' wepmode off

I guess wicontrol just scans configured SSID.  To scan the APs
of 'hidden' SSID, wicontrol -L requires SSID configured.

>     Are there plans to make a more general interface for things
>     like SSID enumeration?
>     Does wicontrol -L work for the ath driver? Or just wi?

Obviously, wicontrol is designed for wi, and it uses wi specific
interface.  But since there are no other utilities, net80211
wlan framework provides a compatible interface for wicontrol.
So wicontrol -L should work for ath (and awi).
The same condition applies for wiconfig -D on NetBSD, JFYI.


Atsushi Onoe

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