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APM resume problem with 5.2R on IBM T30

### On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 13:32:15 -0800, "Kevin Oberman" <oberman_(_at_)_es_(_dot_)_net>
### casually decided to expound upon Jake Khuon <khuon_(_at_)_neebu_(_dot_)_net> the
### following thoughts about "Re: APM resume problem with 5.2R on IBM T30 ":

KO> In general I find ACPI to be a better choice than APM for my T30, but te
KO> cost is not being able to really suspend. I get much better performance
KO> on battery with ACPI than APM. An added win is the ability to read the
KO> CPU temperature properly. gkrellm2 temperature now works correctly with
KO> ACPI. I suspect that ACPI will be really ready for prime-time in about 3
KO> months, depending on how much free time Nate and the other doing work on
KO> ACPI support have available.

Thanks Kevin.  I think I'll stick with APM for the time being since I really
do need to suspend.  I have moved to -CURRENT and APM suspend works fine.  I
may even give BIOS hibernate-to-disk a try again.  I had an issue with it
when I tried with 5.1R though.

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