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APM resume problem with 5.2R on IBM T30

Kevin Oberman wrote:

>> From: "Jake Khuon" <khuon_(_at_)_NEEBU_(_dot_)_Net>
>> Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 02:24:04 -0800
>> Sender: owner-freebsd-mobile_(_at_)_freebsd_(_dot_)_org
>> Running 5.2-RELEASE on an IBM ThinkPad T30 (2366-81U)...
>> When I come back from APM suspend, my machine will display a "Resetting
>> ATA" (or something to that effect) and then promptly hang while
>> constantly
>> spinning the hard drive.  Anyone else seeing this?  Also, I apologise if
>> I missed it but anyone know if ACPI support works for this platform yet?
>> Oh... and as a warning for all you folks running prior to 5.2 who might
>> have /stuck a symlink for usr/libexec to /libexec in order to get
>> OpenOffice
>> /working... remove it before attempting an upgrade.  Or maybe I'm the
>> only bozo that did that. |8^)
> Jake,
> I recently switched over to ACPI on my T30 because many problems that
> were making it unattractive have been resolved. Most notably, the
> problem you are seeing was seen only with ACPI in most cases and was
> just fixed in CURRENT.

Do you have more information on this? I see identical problems on my A30p
with APM (ACPI is worse. I can't even get the screen to come back on). I
wasn't aware of a fix. I've been booting with `boot-vD` as a workaround.

See my problem report about this here:


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