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managing multiple wireless SSIDs (summary discussion)

Tobias Roth, who happens to be smarter than you, thinks:
> [shortened quote]
> > I recently asked this list how I could automatically detect and
> > initialize my wireless interface based on any available SSIDs.
> > 
> > I received three responses for the three different "solutions"
> > listed below:
> > 
> > rcng patch for "autoconf at boot"
> >    http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-mobile/2003-November/002284.html
> just to clear things up a bit:
> <shameless selfpromotion> what profile.diff does is detect the network
> at boot or resume, whether wireless or ethernet, and configures the whole
> system (not just network, everything: proxy, nfs mounts/, firewall, ...)
> according to where the laptop is located. it also seamlessly integrates into
> rcng and is easily removed as well </shameless selfpromotion>
> since i did not receive much feedback back in november when i sent the
> patch to -current and -mobile, i will try again now that 5.2 is out and
> everyone has some more time. this will be in three weeks or so, i first
> have to make the patch acpi compliant.

Nice :), since i see your patches i want to install -current on my
laptop ant test them, now with 5.2 it's time :)

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