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cardbus activation failed


my laptop is a toshiba satellite-z20, i did run freebsd from 5.0 to 5.2 
now. i have not any troubles until now, only my wlan card.

i think i try to change the card to "WG511T" if it is possible.

thank?s for your help


Eric Anderson schrieb:
> Kenneth D. Merry wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 13:18:47 +0100, Michael Hollmann wrote:
>>> hi
>>> i am running FreeBSD 5.2 Release #0 on my laptop. my wlan card is 
>>> "netgear WG512 Cardbus 32bit". i have no troubles to run this card 
>>> under windows 2000 prof. but on FreeBSD 5.2 i get "cardbus activation 
>>> failed".
>>> should this be fixed now ???
>> You haven't mentioned what kind of laptop you have.
>> With my Dell Inspiron 8500, I can get things to work if I pull the 
>> card out
>> and re-insert it.
>> It's just that the onboard ethernet then blows up if it is enabled.
> Same here with a Latitude D600 - I have a bge (broadcom) gig-e onboard.  
> Any cardbus card inserted hoses it all up, and FreeBSD thinks I have two 
> bge cards installed, and things go downhill from there.  I think M. 
> Warner Losh said he had some patches for this, but was waiting to commit 
> or was waiting for time at least..
> Eric


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