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Forgotten Subject, non-working devices on my Fujitsu P2120

> I don't believe this an issue, I also see this on my 2110, but can't figure 
> out what feature this matches up to, so it should be fine.
Yes, I don't think these really matter too much

> I invesitgated this serveral months ago on my 2110, and figured out there 
> is no FreeBSD driver for this chipset, and was unable to find the 
> datasheet that used to be available on acerlabs.com (they would return any 
> of my contact attempts), but which now is not :(.  If some does have this 
> datasheet I'd be willing to put the time to get this driver working.
I'll try my hand at getting the data sheet, it can't hurt.

> I wish I had a 2120 to diagnose this problem since it is 2120 specific.
I tried stepping through the boot process in ddb, but without
much experience with ddb, and apparently no symbols (all I got was
addresses) I didn't get very far.  I would be happy to be your hands on
the keyboard for this one, if you would be willing to instruct me.
> -- 
> Anish Mistry

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