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mouse middle key don't work on my Thinkpad T40

Disable the touchpad from the BIOS to have your third button working.


On Sun, Jan 25, 2004 at 12:15:43AM +0800, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Hello. I just installed FreeBSD 5.2 on my new thinkpad T40.
> I have installed FreeBSD on many thinpad notebooks, normally the red "check 
> point" works fine without any adjustment (moused handles everything). This 
> time the middle key does not function.
> I tried various protocols. Actually I looked into "man moused" and tried 
> every protocol, the left and right key works fine.
> Please give me advice. Thank you.
> BTW, if I don't have middle key, how do I do copy&paste on console? Do I 
> have to enable middle key emulate?

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