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apm device not configured ?!


Did you try to add the following line to your /boot/kernel.conf file?

en apm

and make sure the file ends with a q all by itself on a line.

Unfortunately I have quite some issues with either apm or acpi on my
Dell laptop as well when installing FBSD 5.2; it stops during boot when
a battery is connected and ACPI not disabled. It crashes on resume and
my 3Com PCMCIA ethernet card stops working sometimes, needing an
ifconfig down; ifconfig up. Maybe the PC-card problem is not apm/ACPI

On Sat, Jan 24, 2004 at 04:27:53PM +0000, Julian Holley wrote:
> Hi all - I'm still having problems persuading my laptop to work with apm
> - apparently my machine should work on 4.9 - I have re-compiled with apm
> enabled, set rc.conf to enable apm etc, but apmd, apm will not operate
> and gives the message :-
> apm device not configured, although /dev/apm does exist !?
> what do I have to do to configure apm ? on bsd 4.9 
> what is the difference between apm and apm0 ?
> IBM TP 390x 2626FOG on FreeBSD4.9
> any help much appreciated, J
> incidently on 5.2 apm appears, and loads, but alas crashes on resume :(

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