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sleep modes on a Fujitsu P2120 fail

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> I'm assuming you're running APM, not ACPI:

On a P2120?  On mine, the apm device isn't even recognized, despite a
'device apm' in my kernel config and ACPI disabled at boot.  Aha:

/etc/rc: WARNING: /dev/apmctl not found; kernel is missing apm(4)

What am I doing wrong?  Both of the FreeBSD pages for this that I've seen
mention ACPI as working, but I'd give APM-only a try if I could figure out
why it's not loading.  Do I need to compile without a 'device acpi'?  I
should note that alpm0 does appear.

> At the freebsd boot loader, try booting with `boot -vD`. I've _heard_
> that this has been fixed in -CURRENT, but can't verify yet...

This doesn't appear to affect the behavior, with -CURRENT from this
morning, ACPI:

S1: sleep state S1 not supported by BIOS
S2: sleep state S2 not supported by BIOS
S3: appears to put it to sleep (power and battery lights on lcd still
    active) but it never wakes up video.
S4: shuts the machine down uncleanly
S5: exactly the same as "shutdown now"

So the best bet right now for those who don't want to do a full shutdown
while not using their laptop is to lower power with sysctl and then close
the lid, which triggers the harmless S1 but at least shuts off the screen
(and returns it when opening).

OK, now to figure out why the wireless card that's supposed to be inside
this isn't being recognized...


p.s. - this isn't my primary laptop yet, so if anyone's local to the Bay
Area and wants to hack away at this for any reason related to improving
FreeBSD support, let me know.

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