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best known methods for dual boot with XP with functional hibernate?

Jamie Bowden <ragnar_(_at_)_sysabend_(_dot_)_org> probably said:
> You're thinking of Suspend to Disk.  S2D uses a special partition in order
> to function.  Hibernate uses a file on the Windows %system% partition, and
> needs nothing outside of the windows partition to function.

As with most things, it's more complicated than that.

Most people do not use the terms this specificly and expecting people
to only call windows suspending to a file in a windows partition
"hibernation" is doomed to failure - the term is already widely used
differently for any type of suspend or suspend to disk.

For one thing windows suspending to disk isn't always %system%, some
machines it can be in the first FAT partition on disk on others it can
be a special partition (on my old vaio windows suspending to disk was
a partition).

The BIOS suspending to disk (which can be used by FreeBSD or older
versions of windows) can be to a special partition or to a file on the
first FAT partition on some laptops...

Linux will apparently suspend to disk without BIOS support (a friend
dual booted his laptop between windows and linux and with that support
could go back and forth between the two without fully restarting

It all depends on the version and type of OS, the BIOS type and model
of laptop.



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