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raster display problem (FreeBSD vs Linux)

At 26/01/2004, Sten Daniel S?rsdal wrote:
> > I have a fujitsu-siemens lifebook s6120, running FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE.
> > I'd like to set the console display to the VESA_800x600.
> >
>Your card does not appear to support 800x600x4 which is required for 
>VESA_800x600 is a text mode hack and Linux probably has a much better 
>video console
>_// Sten Daniel S?rsdal

Thanks for your answer.

The fact seems not related to a particular Linux distro, but seems more 
generalized, infact I tested a few ones and all succeded in using such mode.
Let's see if our console driver support it in the future... It is not very 
useful on productive server, but it is very cute on a laptop workstation.

Thanks again for your answer...

Best Regards,
Gianmarco Giovannelli ,  "Unix expert since yesterday"

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