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switching from home network to other network

Dino Vliet wrote:
> I'm using freebsd 4.9 on my laptop. It was installed
> from a campus through a network with a http proxy with
> dhcp.
> However, at my home I have this cable internet service
> provider. I want to use this cable internet connection
> now also on my laptop but I don't want to risk losing
> my network settings on my campus network.

I have a couple of rc scripts for -current (location.sh, etc.) that may 
be useful: http://www.isi.edu/larse/etc.html

(At some point, there was talk on freebsd-rc that someone was adopting 
them for inclusion in the tree, but AFAIK nothing has materialized yet.)

Lars Eggert                                     NEC Network Laboratories
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