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best known methods for dual boot with XP with functional hibernate?

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Peter Radcliffe wrote:
> Jamie Bowden <ragnar_(_at_)_sysabend_(_dot_)_org> probably said:

> > You're thinking of Suspend to Disk.  S2D uses a special partition in
> > order to function.  Hibernate uses a file on the Windows %system%
> > partition, and needs nothing outside of the windows partition to
> > function.

> As with most things, it's more complicated than that.

> Most people do not use the terms this specificly and expecting people to
> only call windows suspending to a file in a windows partition
> "hibernation" is doomed to failure - the term is already widely used
> differently for any type of suspend or suspend to disk.

> For one thing windows suspending to disk isn't always %system%, some
> machines it can be in the first FAT partition on disk on others it can
> be a special partition (on my old vaio windows suspending to disk was a
> partition).

Yes, but the original poster was asking specificly about WinXP.  In WinXP,
Start -> Shutdown -> Hibernate is very specific.  It requires Hibernation
being enabled in Windows, and that you have a continuous block of HDD
space slightly larger than physical RAM available on the %system%
partition, which it then uses to create a file for Hibernation once

Jamie Bowden

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