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Least supported laptop for FreeBSD under $1k


Peter Schuller wrote...
> Right. hw.acpi.lid_switch_state is the one you want. 


> I don't think I ever got suspend to work with X and ACPI. Forgot to mention 
> that. The "almost works" senario was in console mode (though X may be running 
> it just must not be the active console).

Ah, that's OK....as I said, having it be "always on" is OK.  Right now
it's been up for 19 days, no problems.  I only reboot it really when
I have either upgraded the OS or have to go into Windows for work vpn

> It's a trade-off. I actually like being able to close the lid without 
> suspending the laptop (a problem with APM). But on the other hand the ability 
> to suspend when I *want* to do that outweighs that inconvenience.

*nod* understood, thanks for the suggestions and your help!


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