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an0: device timeout

Is anyone else experiencing the same problems I am?

A week ago I began tracking 5.2-CURRENT (last cvsup was this afternoon), and
I've been having repeated lockups and problems with my wireless interface. 
Sometimes it will simply refuse to associate and signal attributes remain
locked at a certain level regardless of my actual proximity to the BSS which
would indicate that the radio portion isn't working properly.  I've tried
ifconfig'ing the interface down and back up without success.  Sometimes I
can bring the interface back by suspending and resuming but it will often go
down again or the machine will lock up shortly afterwards.

These are the symptoms I've observed so far:

	[1] Seems to happen under high packet load (ie. loading a big
	    webpage full of a lot of images) but sometimes will happen while
	    the system is relatively idle too.  This seems to happen more
	    with linux-mozilla rather than native mozilla.

	[2] Sometimes the machine will simply lock up and I'll have to do a
	    hardware reboot.

	[3] Occasionally I will see an "an0: device timeout".

	[4] Occasionally happens when dhclient starts up

	[5] ifconfig shows "no carrier"

Some things I've already tried:

	[1] Played with unsetting RFC3042 capability

	[2] Increased tcp send/recv space to 64k

	[3] Increased slowstart flightsize to 4

	[4] Turned on TCP delayed ACK

	[5] Disabled ipfw capability

I have a feeling everything I've been seeing are somewhat related and has
something to do with the aironet driver.  I'm running a Cisco 350 MPI
(miniPCI) in an IBM-T30.  The problem is that I have no clue as to how to
start debugging this.  When the machine locks up, I get no debugging
messages whatsover.  I'm perfectly willing to start throwing printfs into
the an driver code.  I am running firmware 5.00.01.

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