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need suggestions on making a wireless network using bluetooth.

Hello. I'll make a small wireless network in my office in the coming month. 
Now I'm considering bluetooth instead of 802.11. In the office I have a 
freebsd server, my own notebook runs freebsd. Other computers run MAC OS 
and Windows.

* the office is not very big, just as big as the bluetooth signal can 
reach. There are confidential information in the office, I don't want 
anyone to get my data by just stopping a car in front of the office and 
listen network traffice with a notebook.

* I don't see any network traffic problem. Usually we just transfer emails, 
text documents and pictures. 

* In China, the 802.11 device market is not clear yet, I don't know what 
standard to follow (you surely know about the new Chinese spec on 802.11 

* We already have some bluetooth devices.

* Most of us use notebook computers. Notebook 802.11 cards are more 
expensive than bluetooth cards. 

* Some people in the office are going to buy GPRS enabled cell phone. If 
they buy bluetooth enabled GPRS phones, they can go surf the Internet 
outside the office through GPRS cell phone. This is cheaper than having 
both 802.11 card and GPRS card.

So I decide I'd better use bluetooth. Several questions:

* Is it possible to make a wireless network by using bluetooth devices? Can 
I have a bluetooth installed on the FreeBSD server, let it act as a 
switch/hub? Would this network be stable?

* I never see anyone setup a network in this way, would there be many 
unexpected problems?

Thank you for your advice:)

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