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Thinkpad T30 modem (Agere AC'97)

Duane Winner <duanewinner_(_at_)_att_(_dot_)_net> probably said:
> I'm trying to get my modem working on my IBM T30. It is the standard
> Agere AC'97 modem that IBM is shipping with the NIC/modem combo these
> days.

> I read on another post that I should still use the ltmdm port, as it
> should work with the Agere just as it did with with the Lucent Winmodem.
> But after I install the port and reboot, dmesg reports nothing.

As far as I'm aware there is no support for the Agere AC'97 winmodem.
I havn't manage to use the one in my X30, I just use a pcmcia hardware



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