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Thinkpad T30 modem (Agere AC'97)

duanewinner_(_at_)_att_(_dot_)_net said:
>I was able to do this [use ltmdm] with no problems on my T23, however that was a
>Lucent Winmodem. 

IBM sells two cardlets for its ThinkPads.  The one that has only a 
Losemodem on it came with my ThinkPad T23 and works with ltmdm.  The other 
one (which came with NASA's T23 that I use) has both an Agere Losemodem 
and an 802.11b NIC.  As far as I have been able to tell, there is no 
support at all for the Agere, though the NIC on that cardlet works just 
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Not an official NASA position.  You can't even be certain who sent this!

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