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Thinkpad T30 modem (Agere AC'97)

Dave Tweten <tweten_(_at_)_nas_(_dot_)_nasa_(_dot_)_gov> probably said:
> I can't find "all the details" by searching Questions, Stable, and Mobile 
> using all combinations of the keywords, ThinkPad, 802.11b, and BIOS.  Any 
> suggestions?

It isn't a BIOS upgrade, it's a minipci card flash upgrade and wasn't
thinkpad specific.

freebsd-mobile, one thread subject Re: prism 2.5 timeout in wi_cmd 0x010b.
Patch is in Message-Id: <200401101511_(_dot_)_04672_(_dot_)_zec_(_at_)_tel_(_dot_)_fer_(_dot_)_hr>



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