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Cisco Aironet MPI350: dualboot

Duane Winner <duanewinner_(_at_)_att_(_dot_)_net> probably said:
> Has anybody run into the same issue and found the same thing?

Doug A. was working on supporting the newer firmware, but I don't know
how far he got with it.

> If so, then I'll know what I'm up against and can think about some
> options. If you tell me that you've been able to get both XP and
> FreeBSD to dual-boot and coexist with the same aironet firmware,
> then I'll assume that I'm doing something stupid.

You could set up scripts in XP to upgrade/downgrade the firmware on
boot and shutdown, but it'd be kinda painful and I don't know enough
about XP to do it.

Probably the easiest thing until support for the more recent firmware
gets in is to swap it out for a prism minipci card or something.



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